I needed a chocolate fix today, and I got it in 30 minutes (courtesy of Sherpa's).

warm chocolate cake @ O'Malleys

Chocolate fondant in tinfoil.  There's nothing like warm, gooey, melted chocolate to combat a cold and rainy day.  It's nothing like Lapis Lazuli's Chocolate Nemesis, but for chocolate on demand, it definitely hits the spot. (Though it's only a shade better than the frozen chocolate puddings from Marks & Spencer, and twice more expensive.) (50RMB / US$8)

Address: 42 Taojiang Road x Wulumuqi Road, Shanghai
TEL: 6474 4533
Style: Irish



Da Marco (the original Dongzhu'anbang location, not the knockoffs in Pudong and Xujiahui), winner of the City Weekend "Best Italian Restaurant" award for the past 5 years straight, is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Shanghai, and for obvious reasons: good food, large portions, reasonably priced, and central location.  The restaurant was fully booked on an ordinary Monday night.  (I was surprised, even though I shouldn't have been, given the population of Shanghai.)

tiramisu @ Da Marco

The tiramisu was more than ample in both size and taste; my first spoon, I choked on the cocoa powder.  They certainly didn't skimp on the cream either.  It is quite possibly the best tiramisu I've had in Shanghai.  (I still need to sample the tiramisu at Whisk and La Strada.) (40RMB / US$6)

Address: Golden Bridge Garden 1/F, 103 Dongzhu'anbang Road x Zhenning Road, Shanghai
TEL: 6210 4495
Style: Italian



creme brulee @ Lingo Bistrot

After that disastrous chocolate fondant last year, and the time they canceled my order from Sherpa's, I never thought I would return to Lingo Bistrot.  But on a day that all the other French restaurants in town (Nova, Franck, and CUIVRE ) seemed to be closed, I had no choice but to go there.  

And ... their creme brulee was actually decent.  It was served in a large, shallow ramekin, which, as X. pointed out, meant more caramelized sugar for me.  The custard base was on the heavy side, but at least it wasn't too sweet.  I had to dine and dash, so I didn't finish it anyways. (28RMB / US$4.50)

Address: Ciro's Plaza 1/F, 388 West Nanjing Road x North Huangpi Road, Shanghai
TEL: 6334 5066
Style: French

winter treats

lebkuchen @ Q-Bake

Sugar and spices & gingerbread cookies -- nothing evokes the Christmas spirit more.  I wanted to keep it for a while and hang it on my walls but alas, I was too hasty and ate it the same day.

Address: 1250 Xinzha Road x North Shanxi Road, Shanghai
TEL: 6075 1078
Style: Bakery
(Multiple locations in Shanghai.)

cinnamon crumb cake @ OMG!

Oh My Goodness is "an organic cupcakery" and yet another out-of-home business run by some expat woman (Jenna Suharto, formerly of Brooklyn).  The cinnamon crumb cake was more like a mini-muffin ("mini" being the key word here), neatly tucked away in its own box.  Bigger is definitely better here.  

Address: N/A
TEL: 139 1876 6874
Style: Delivery

apple pie @ Claire's

For a bakery production, it was spectacular.  Huge chunks of apple with cinnamon sprinkles all over.  Cold, yes, but hearty.  Each triangle could have been a meal in itself.

Address: Reel Kitchen B2 Floor, 1601 West Nanjing Road x Changde Road, Shanghai
TEL: 2230 9788
Style: Food court stall

banana pudding @ Southern Belle

Had a real sit-down meal for the first time in a month at Southern Belle last month.  While the banana pudding had a distinctly banana flavor to it, I preferred C.'s pecan pie (no pic).  The whipped cream was rather bland, and there was too much sponge cake underneath.  I didn't even touch the ice cream. 

Address: 433 Changle Road x Xiangyang Road, Shanghai
TEL: 5403 3218
Style: American

froyo bursts @ Babela Cafe

I have no idea what to call this.  It's basically yogurt-flavored soft serve ice cream topped with sweetened taro and orange balls that explode in your mouth.  No, those balls are not ikura.  No, they are not gumballs.  They are not filled with liquid.  They are tasteless (slightly sour? tangy? salty? -- I don't even remember) and simply explode in your mouth.  Fun to eat, though kinda pointless.

Address: Raffles City B2 Floor, 268 South Xizang Road x Fuzhou Road, Shanghai
TEL: ?
Style: Food court stall
(Multiple locations in Shanghai.)



raspberry chocolate @ That's Amore

This was one of the loveliest cakes I've had in a while.  There was a thin layer of raspberry jelly on top, followed by some raspberry mousse, followed by white chocolate mousse.  The mousse was light and fluffy (but without that rubbery texture) and had a hint of sweetness -- in essence, a very delicate dessert.  If only I could wake up to such gorgeousness every day...  (28RMB/US$4)

Eat it or starve?: Eat it.

Address: Tianzifang, Lane 200 Taikang Road x Sinan Road, Shanghai
TEL: 6472 0925
Style: Italian
(Multiple locations in Shanghai)

feed me!

egg tarts @ KFC

My latest addiction.

I've been snacking around on egg tarts for the past few weeks, and the best ones I've come across so far are the ones from KFC (the one just down the street from my apartment).  These tarts are stuffed to the brim with custard, and they're best eaten when warm (brings out the sweetness and the grease).  They're not as dense as the ones you normally get from Chinese vendors, so you could easily pop down three or four (or a whole box) in one sitting. (24RMB/US$4 for a box of 6)

Eat it or starve?: Eat it!

Address: 400 Xikang Road x Wuding Road, Shanghai
TEL: 400 882 3823 (delivery)
Style: Fast-food
(Multiple locations in Shanghai.)



strawberry & raisin blast @ somi

Not a happy camper.  Come to think of it, the only thing I ever liked from Somi was their blueberry jelly blast.

The server added too much strawberry syrup so it was exceedingly sweet.  And to top it off, there were so many raisins that I felt I was eating some kind of raisin soup or something. (16RMB/US$2.50)

Eat it or starve?: Starve.

Address: Huangpuhui 1/F #109, 269 Wujiang Road x Maoming Road, Shanghai
TEL: 3210 0797
Style: Ice Cream Shop
(Multiple locations in Shanghai.)


No holiday meal is complete without a befitting dessert, least of all Thanksgiving.  This year I went to Avalon, a cozy, wood brick American restaurant in the French Concession.

pumpkin pie @ Avalon

The pumpkin pie was rather dense, but the crust was delicious (and faintly chocolately) and the caramel glaze was nice and sweet.  The vanilla bean gelato was rather lovely as well.  (298RMB / US$50 for a three-course meal)

Name: Avalon Wood Grill & Wine Bar
Address: 139 Changle Road x Ruijin Road, Shanghai
TEL: 5382 0862


purple sweet potato froyo @ Frio

Is this a fruit cup or froyo?

Continuing the trend of monosyllabic dessert entities, Frio is a newly-opened frozen yogurt shop in Jingan.  I think I must have gone during opening week, because the choices I was given were either vanilla or the seasonal offering (purple sweet potato for fall).  They did have a variety of topping options though, so I decorated (read: smothered) mine with a tropical fruit medley consisting of rambutan, dragonfruit, and muskmelon pieces.  The purple sweet potato froyo was cold and refreshing, not as thick as the TCBY kind nor as sweet as most froyo tend to be.  The fruit pieces were rather soft and mushy (after being left out for hours in a tub of fruit juice), but at least they didn't come from a can.  (22RMB/US$3.50)

Eat it or starve?: Best to skip the toppings on this one.

Address: 722 Weihai Road x North Shanxi Road, Shanghai
TEL: 139 1651 3513
Style: Stall



berry carey @ Blink

Don't let the pretty pastel colors fool you; it was empty-as-air inside.  It was like a strawberry x white chocolate-flavored popsicle (meaning it did not have real cream).  It tasted like rubber.  Yuck.  (18RMB / US$3)

Eat it or starve: Starve.

Address: Reel Department Store, B202, 1601 West Nanjing Road x Changde Road, Shanghai
TEL: 2230 9788
Style: Stall