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egg tarts @ KFC

My latest addiction.

I've been snacking around on egg tarts for the past few weeks, and the best ones I've come across so far are the ones from KFC (the one just down the street from my apartment).  These tarts are stuffed to the brim with custard, and they're best eaten when warm (brings out the sweetness and the grease).  They're not as dense as the ones you normally get from Chinese vendors, so you could easily pop down three or four (or a whole box) in one sitting. (24RMB/US$4 for a box of 6)

Eat it or starve?: Eat it!

Address: 400 Xikang Road x Wuding Road, Shanghai
TEL: 400 882 3823 (delivery)
Style: Fast-food
(Multiple locations in Shanghai.)

Tags: dessert, shanghai

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