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creme brulee @ Lingo Bistrot

After that disastrous chocolate fondant last year, and the time they canceled my order from Sherpa's, I never thought I would return to Lingo Bistrot.  But on a day that all the other French restaurants in town (Nova, Franck, and CUIVRE ) seemed to be closed, I had no choice but to go there.  

And ... their creme brulee was actually decent.  It was served in a large, shallow ramekin, which, as X. pointed out, meant more caramelized sugar for me.  The custard base was on the heavy side, but at least it wasn't too sweet.  I had to dine and dash, so I didn't finish it anyways. (28RMB / US$4.50)

Address: Ciro's Plaza 1/F, 388 West Nanjing Road x North Huangpi Road, Shanghai
TEL: 6334 5066
Style: French
Tags: dessert, shanghai

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