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lynch. 100 item questions / Hazuki


lynch. 100 item questions
SHOCKwave Vol 3 / September 2007





●blood type



Aichi Prefecture

●height and weight

174.3cm · 53~56kg (fluctuates daily)

●foot size

26.5 cm...maybe?

But I buy size 28cm for shoes.

●ring size

I don’t remember.

● Do you smoke?

I smoke brand ones.  The brand is KOOL KINGS.

●preferred cologne


●cell phone model

DoCoMo P701iD

●cell phone ringtone

ring sound 1

●cell phone memory

I don’t wanna talk about the memory size, but let’s just say it’s limited.

●favorite brand


●favorite color

masculine colors

●favorite phrase

If you get knocked down, just get up again.  [taoreru toki ha mae nomeri]

●favorite food

chicken heart

●least favorite food

vegetables, relishes, shitload of others.

●Do you cook?  What's your specialty?

I don't cook.


sports, watching movies

I'm oddly good at hiking (right foot only) and rowing a boat.

●strong point

I get hot easily.

●weak point

I get cold easily.

●bad habit

I touch my hair a lot...or so I hear.

●daily routine


●something that was often written on your student report cards

The comments were always satisfactory.

●latest ‘it’ thing

kamikaze (cocktail)

●charm point

Apparently the shapes of my ears and fingernails are nice.


shochu [Japanese liquor]

●thing that you collect


●What kind of room do you live in right now?

a really good room

●favorite place

my room, hotel rooms, alcohol seating

●place you’d like to go

I have no interest in performing a live there, but the stage at Tokyo Dome.

●What do you do on your off days?

I lounge around and play the guitar all day long.

●something you bought recently

a headcase for the mike that I always use (the latest netting)

●last movie you saw

I watched HANABI (directed by Kitano).  I’m going to watch Sonatine now.

●latest frustration

There’s a shitload.

●your stress reliever

I can’t relieve it.  Let me know if there’s a good way.

●the most important thing to you right now

lynch. and everyone who’s been involved with lynch.

●person you admire

There’s too many to write.

●When was your first crush?

when I was 5

●Was that crush fulfilled?

Obviously not.

●type of female you get along with

someone cheerful and who likes alcohol

●type of female you don’t get along with

someone depressing and who doesn’t drink even though she can

●thing you look for in a girl

Be bold.

●What’s your fetish?

I’ve never thought about it.

●type of girl’s fashion you like

Nothing in particular.

●girl’s action that makes your heart beat

Depends on that girl.

●Do you confess straight out to the girl that you like?

I do.

●Your ideal date is?

trip to the onsen  [hot springs]

●What color is love?

This also depends on the other person.

●present you'd be happy to get

I’m basically happy with anything.

But relatively speaking, stuff like clothing and accessories.

Letters as well.

●Do you want to get married?


●name you’d give your child

something other than Hazuki

●the ideal man

someone who’s well-loved, regardless of seniority/juniority relationships

●something for which you’re glad you were born as a guy

that I don’t have periods and won’t get pregnant

●Would you be reborn as a guy or girl?


●Why is that?

same as above

●Where do your eyes fly toward when you’re facing someone?


●childhood dream


●pleasure in your old age

Whether I can stay alive or not until I get old is the question.

●something you think is wrong with the world

There’s nothing right to begin with.

●How old do you think your mental age is?

later 20’s.

18ish when I'm drunk.

●How much is in your wallet right now?

32,514 yen  [$300~]

●Can you fall asleep and wake up easily?

I think so.

●Do you believe in fate?

I don’t care.

It doesn’t matter as long as the result is the same.

●thing you’re most concerned about right now

lynch. in 2008

●biggest prank you played on a member

I hid our support member, Junji’s PSP.

●best thing you’ve ever done

Nothing in particular.

●most expensive thing you’ve ever bought

Probably my guitar...ah, it’d be my car.

●I’ve kept it a secret up until now, but I’m actually OO!


●a recent first-experience

going to Hokkaido

●the greatest enemy in life is


●if you weren’t a musician

biologist in the jungles

●if you were to grade yourself right now

52 points

●What you think about during lives?

I look at the audience’s hearts and my own figure.

●What do you drink on stage?


●something you have to do before lives

 Stretching, drinking a special drink, and a secret weapon to loosen up my voice.

Crazy high fives with the members.

●something you have to do after lives

First thing is going for a smoke.

●What do lives mean to you?

It’ll sound cheesy if I say it in words, so I don’t want to answer.

●instrument you use


Squier STRAT

Bottom Wave Deluxe70

Fender Japan Jazz Bass

●Please make a resolution.  This year I’ll do OO! 

I’ll decline.

●musicians you’re friends with


Nii  (girugämesh)

Mizuki  (Sadie)

Aki  (Sadie)

There’s a lot more, but these are the ones I often hang out with.

●the one thing you won’t give up is

being a vocalist

●favorite song out of your own songs

[I’m sick,b’cuz I luv u.]

It changes from time to time.

●your basic rule is

to be on time

●something you think you lack right now


●If you could become another member, who would you want to be?  Why is that?

I’m fine the way I am.

●If your wish came true, what would you wish for?

I want Doraemon’s pocket.

●food you want to eat right now

Sapporo ramen
●person you want to meet the most right now

friends from back home

●song you recommend right now


●favorite artist

For Japanese music, ELLEGARDEN, ACIDMAN and many others.  For Western, New School style.  LUNA SEA and Kuroyume are special.

●favorite celebrity

I don’t watch TV, so I don’t know.

●celebrity you’re said to resemble

I’ve often been told that I look like Nakashima Mika after I put on makeup.  But I don’t think we look alike at all.

●What you'd like to do in SHOXX in the future?

outdoor festival

●What does music mean to you?


●What does lynch. mean to you?

The only place where I can find out who I am.

●future aspirations

Live deeply and die happily.

●a word to yourself 10 years from now

Spend your money wisely.
●a word to each member

Reo --> Please go to sleep.

Yusuke --> Please fatten up.

Asanao --> Please laugh.

●a word to the fans

I love you.

Best regards from now on too.

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