July 28th, 2008


lynch. EXPECT RUSH VI interview - Hazuki

Hazuki (Vo.)


Birthdate – 12/10

Bloodtype – B

Hometown – Aichi Prefecture

Height/Weight – 174.3cm/54~56kg

Shoe size – 25.5~28.0

Ring size – who knows

Habit or phrase - OK I died~

Favorite color – nowadays I like mild colors, like beige or gray

Cigarette brand – KOOL KINGS BOX


Cologne you use – don’t wear any nowadays

Model of cell phone & ringtone you use – DoCoMo  P701iD, ringtone 1

Favorite food – Sapporo and Hakata ramen, Sendai’s gyutan, Niigata’s hekisoba, Nagoya’s ankake pasta

Least favorite food – everything else

Favorite present – letters, items from my favorite brands or cigarettes or bath salts or sketches

Best present you gave someone – none

Type of girl you like – the bright type

Type of girl you don’t like – the dark type

Type of girl’s fashion you like – skinny jeans

Ideal date – hot springs

Girl’s action that makes your heart beat – none

Name you’ll give your kid – Tom

Your treasure is? – my instruments and equipment, also my car and darts

Worry – I’ve got no time to write songs

Moment you feel happiness – the final moments of a live, sleeping after drinking

Person you want to meet the most right now – none

If you had 3 wishes that could come true, what would you wish for? -

  1. Give me a wallet with money that’ll never shrink.
  2. Give me a singing voice that’ll never waver.
  3. Give me a body that’ll never get sick.

Favorite time – the time right before a live, the time spent at my local darts bar

Favorite celebrity – Kitano Takeshi

Celebrity you’re said to resemble – sometimes people tell me I resemble someone but I forgot who

Musician you’re close with in real life – lately I’ve gotten close with heidi.

Point of concern lately – my hand’s getting numb

How you spend your day off – going to the darts bar, meeting up with friends

Right now, what kind of room do you live in? – gold

Favorite artist – LUNA SEA, Kuroyume

Artist you’re influenced by – LUNA SEA, Kuroyume

Something you bought lately – I’m planning to buy a bunch of clothes in about 3 days

Event you want SHOXX to do in the future – BBQ

Stress reliever – it just keeps building up

If you weren’t a musician… – lumberjack

If you could go back to the past, when would you want to go back – I don’t wanna go back

Why is that? – cuz I always have the most fun right now

How you would spend your last day on earth – using up all the money in my bank account

Ideal masculinity - dandyism

Please discreetly tell me the other members’ secrets - they’d get mad

Favorite motto – nowadays none

A word to yourself right now – go to the hospital

A word to yourself 10 years from now – Are you alive?

A word to each of the other members – everyone go to the hospital

Future goal – get some muscles



Translator’s notes:

gyutan = cow tongue, a Sendai specialty dish

hekisoba = buckwheat noodles with seaweed, a Niigata specialty dish

ankake pasta = thick/starchy pasta, a Nagoya specialty dish