March 21st, 2009


SCREW Byou's blog Q&A translation Feb 9, 2009


Answers to 29 Questions + Bonus 29


There were so many that I worked twice as hard.


They’re a return present from me.




Q: Do you ever eat chocolates or cookies?

A: I eat them when I get a sweet tooth.


Q: There were a bunch of pictures on your blog…were they from a photoshoot?

A: You’ll find out soon enough.


Q: Can you tie a cherry stalk with your tongue?

A: Piece of cake.`


Q: Please give me some encouragement so I can pass my exams.

A: Good luck.


Q: I’m going to start learning [about design]. Once I can make my own clothes, can I send you the pieces that I designed?

A: I accept the challenge.


Q: How do I put on makeup so that I look VKish?

A: Do whatever you see fit.


Q: What kind of games do you like?

A: The ones with voice recognition.


Q: If I send you a fan letter, will you reply to it?

A: Just wait patiently.


Q: Is the cologne you’re using now the one you got from a fan and posted on your blog before?

A: I change colognes depending on the mood.


Q: I’ve been fighting with my parents lately because they keep dismissing my dreams, but I don’t want to give up my dreams. Am I wrong?

A: There’s no such thing as right or wrong in life.  Don’t give up and keep fighting.


Q: Please tell me exactly what type [of person] you like.
A: Someone who has what I lack.


Q: Do you like G-strings?

A: I prefer no underwear.


Q: Is it okay if I keep loving you all my life?

A: I’m looking forward to it.

Q: What makes you happiest on your birthday?

A: A concert.

Q: Why are you so hot?

A: Cuz I sucked at school.


Q: Do you have any favorite clothing brands?
A: LAGUST, the rock-ish type.


Q: Do you have any criteria when you pick out clothes and accessories?
A: My instincts.


Q: Which do you prefer, us calling out to you in death voice or in normal voice?
A: Death voice.


Q: Do you like byou gara only because your name is Byou? Or do you actually like byou gara?
A: Whyyy?


Q: What do you want to get for your birthday?
A: Justin Davis.


Q: Please tell me the names of the twins you had with Kazuki-san.

A: Whyyy?


Q: Would you wear LAGUST’s white x gold jeans?
A: I want to.

Q: You’re really flashy, aren’t youWould you really wear anything?
A: Just leave it to me.


Q: What kind of girl do you prefer, the prim and proper type or the gyaru type?
A: My type is the girl that I like.


Q: To the ero vo. Byou-san, which do you prefer, chasing or being chased?
A: Depends on the mood.


Q: What’s your fetish?
A: Myself.


Q: When was your first experience?
A: Right after birth.


Q: Your movie [Beat RockLove] is coming out soon. What’s the highlight?
A: Me.


Q: Why 29 questions?
A: It’s stimulating.


Q: I’m about to get a haircut now, but do you like girls with short hair?
A: Would you like me to cut it for you?


Q: Aniki, you’re gonna celebrate your birthday soon. What’s your new goal?
A: Shaping up.


Q: What made you decide to be in a band?
A: Go back through the Byousatsuhiwa.


Q: Do the lyrics come to you during recording? Or do you write them down when they hit you in daily life?
A: Both.


Q: When are you the most relaxed?
A: Just before going to sleep.


Q: What’s the #1 thing you want right now?
A: A laptop.


Q: Your legs are skinny, but what do you do to stay in shape?
A: Thank my parents.

Q: Are my thoughts reaching you?
A: Try harder.


Q: Aside from chocolate, what do you want?
A: Beauty care products.


Q: What’s the #1 thing that will make you happy? What’s the #1 thing that will make you sad?

A: I’m happy when you guys get along.


Q: Are you a tsundere?

A: I’ll leave it to your imagination.


Q: Please tell me a surefire way to win a go-con.

A: Being a tsundere.


Q: Please tell me which movies you recommend.

A: I haven’t seen any lately, so you tell me.


Q: What kind of clothes do you want girls to wear?
A: Don’t wear anything.


Q: Aniki, what’s the greatest legend you’ve been part of up until now?
A: The legend starts now.


Q: I’m going to the concert tomorrow, but I can’t decide on a present. Is there anything you want?

A: Maybe clothes or a hat?


Q: I have a natural baby face. Do you think it’s impossible for me to look sexy?
A: Don’t get a complex about it, turn it into a weapon.

Q: What do you do to kill time?
A: Shopping.


Q: What would you be if you could be reborn?
A: A chihuahua.


Q: I’m thinking of sending you chocolates and a necktie for Valentine’s Day, but would it be a bother?
A: Feel free.

Q: What kind of things make you happy when you receive them?
A: Sometimes I feel like playing video games, so video games.


Q: Can you wait until April for your birthday present?
A: Of course.


Q: What do you do when you’re feeling down? How do you cheer up?
A: I write lyrics.


Q: What kind of kid were you in junior high?
A: A kindergartener.


Q: It looks like I’ve received a jersey. Can I give it to you?
A: Sure.


Q: Byou-san, what will you be doing the instant the date changes into 2/9?
A: In the middle of answering [questions].

Q: What’s your favorite design?
A: Skulls.


Q: I want to give you some underwear when you come to the Sapporo concert, but what size are you?
A: Medium.


Q: Can I call you aniki?
A: Sure.


I’m lucky that I get to have a concert on my birthday this year too.


I’ll make sure to give you guys some extra lovin’ for coming to see me.



Translator’s Notes:

byou gara = leopard print

gyaru = fashionable/trendy/hip girls

ero vo. = erotic vocalist

Byousatsuhiwa = the name of Byou’s blog

tsundere = a person who’s cold on the outside but sweet on the inside, a hot-and-cold personality

go-con = a dating party

aniki = Byou’s nickname, means “big bro”, commonly used in yakuza speech