November 16th, 2009


11/13 lynch. @ Himeji Beta



11/13/2009 Himeji Beta

Setlist (from 2ch):

I'm sick,b'cuz luv u.
the universe
alien tune
unknown lost a beauty

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I think I expected too much from this live and came out disappointed in the end. They only did one encore today and the live ended at like 8:20.

So after an afternoon of shopping, I got to Beta at 6:20 again. I was the fifth person in today. As before, the first four people darted to the left and right, so center (shimo1/dosen/kami1) was still open. Since Hazuki seemed to favor the right side yesterday, I took kami1, which, looking back, really was the best choice. My pelvic bone is still aching from being pressed up against the bar.

The members wore basically the same things as yesterday, with a few minor changes. Yusuke didn't have his inner shirt and only wore the vest. Reo had on a silver necklace instead of the choker. Hazuki's makeup was awesome today -- he had on some reddish/purplish eyeshadow, and it looked really good on him.

I'm glad they played Ambivalent Ideal, and sad they didn't play CULTIC MY EXECUTION since that's my favorite song from the new album. Actually, I'm surprised (and kinda pissed off) they didn't play CULTIC on either night. I also messed up the furi for unknown lost a beauty (how could I?) -- started pumping my fist instead of clapping. But the other saizen people messed up first and that screwed me up. Reo had to correct us, of all things.

We're getting better at catching Hazuki. He dived twice (center at the end of dazzle and then center right sometime in the encore) though it was more like he stepped forward and fell on the crowd - and only his upper body really got into the crowd. Both times he got back up on stage like immediately - you could blink and miss it, that's how fast everything happened. Both times I got hold of his legs and then his upper body as he slid back on stage.

To be honest, I think Hazuki hates me. Like he literally touched/swiped hands/petted everyone in the first few rows but me. Granted, I don't go to every live or instore, so they probably don't know who the fuck I am, but I'm still their fan.

I didn't catch any bottles tonight because I was too close to the stage -- and besides, I'd just have thrown it away (I threw out the other one already). Asanao tossed a couple of low ones that I could've gotten but I didn't bother. Junji tossed out his pick too (I think it was white this time) but it was a flimsy throw as usual, and it went to someone in front of him in the saizen. (Btw, I wore his pick on both days.) Hazuki splashed a lot of water on everyone in the front again.

As it turned out, I didn't get to do demachi either night. I stuck around after the show, got my drink, filled out the enquette, and waited around in hopes of seeing lynch. come out. But it didn't seem possible, with the staff there ordering people to clear out. Besides, it's not like I don't know what they like without their makeup on. So I left around 9, and thus ended my lynch.-filled mini-vacation.