November 14th, 2011



purple sweet potato froyo @ Frio

Is this a fruit cup or froyo?

Continuing the trend of monosyllabic dessert entities, Frio is a newly-opened frozen yogurt shop in Jingan.  I think I must have gone during opening week, because the choices I was given were either vanilla or the seasonal offering (purple sweet potato for fall).  They did have a variety of topping options though, so I decorated (read: smothered) mine with a tropical fruit medley consisting of rambutan, dragonfruit, and muskmelon pieces.  The purple sweet potato froyo was cold and refreshing, not as thick as the TCBY kind nor as sweet as most froyo tend to be.  The fruit pieces were rather soft and mushy (after being left out for hours in a tub of fruit juice), but at least they didn't come from a can.  (22RMB/US$3.50)

Eat it or starve?: Best to skip the toppings on this one.

Address: 722 Weihai Road x North Shanxi Road, Shanghai
TEL: 139 1651 3513
Style: Stall