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7/13 Inugami Circus Dan/Galneryus/Moran/the studs/chariots/lynch./Versailles live report


CROSS GATE 2008~The Colored World~

Inugami Circus Dan/Galneryus/Moran/the studs/chariots/lynch./Versailles

07/13/2008 America-mura BIG CAT


This is the first “major” event that I’ve gone to in a while.  Major meaning that all the bands playing tonight had some degree of popularity.  There was a 3:7 guy to girl ratio.  It was also fairly packed, at least in the front, and I felt gross and icky towards the end as more and more people piled up front.  I started in the 2nd row center left and migrated to the center by the end of the night.


Inugami Circus Dan


I feel like this band doesn’t really belong in VK scene – their fans were all normal guys and gals, and their music sounded like a bizarre mix of Schwarz lilie x enka.  Of course they had their own visual concept and wore their own costumes (reminds me of the gaudiness that is NoGoD), but they might as easily have just ditched the white face makeup and went mainstream.  I didn’t like the female vocalist’s voice.




Since this was a VK event and they’re not a VK band, not many people were there for them, and the saizen was only half filled before their set.  The members were all in their 30’s or 40’s and wore regular clothing, except the cute bassist, YU-TO, who looked very VK-influenced (orange-blond hair, punky clothes, rocking out the VK way, but no makeup) and looked under 25.  Their music is also hard to categorize.  Wikipedia labels them as “power metal”, but sometimes the music sounded like classic rock, and sometimes it sounded almost poppish.  It was interesting to hear YAMA-B sing the songs in English (mixed with some Japanese).  I think I only realized halfway through their set.  He also seemed to speak English quite well, like even the way he said Japanese words like “Osaka” sounded American.  He made a short MC before they launched into their new song, Alsatia.  They also had a keyboardist, which is quite rare in VK but more common in the metal scene.  I wouldn’t mind seeing them again.  




Looking a lot more visual since the last time I saw them (at their secret live back in December).  Now they’re wearing flowy, Grecian-style outfits, reminiscent of Ruvie, but clearly with higher price tags.  I felt like I was watching art in motion rather than a concert.  Such is the multifarious nature of VK lives.  Anyways, their costumes were really beautiful, white and gold tunics.  Their music is soft and mellow, and would probably make some good background music, if nothing else.  I loved the way Hitomi moved and talked, as if he was a thespian in a Greek tragedy.  Like he introduced their song “Element” in a hushed voice, “70% of our bodies are made up of cells.  I’m sure that it’s cells and not water.” (Or something like that.)  But he made it sound really poetic.


the studs


Yet another band that doesn’t belong in VK.  I’ve always been curious about them.    They’re a talented group, and their music is really good.  It’s lighter and grungier than I’d like (with minimal headbanging), but I do need a change from the usual mix of oshare, cote, and cote oshare.  If they went major, they’d probably have a huge following.  I have to say, Daisuke’s a lot shorter than I thought, and also looks a lot younger (and cuter) than I thought.  On a side note, this tour was probably something of a reunion for certain members in Moran, the studs, and lynch.  I definitely want to see them again. 




Setlist (revised from 2ch):


new song

Cold Pray

sono shunkan okuru hanataba wo




I’ve decided that I don’t give a rat’s ass about them or their music (this after seeing them 5 times).  For a band supposedly that popular, their music comes nowhere close to par.  Still, I did all the furi and headbanging.




Setlist (from 2ch):





Unknown lost a beauty



My meate band, what else.  Despite playing 2nd to last and despite the fact that their songs are really short, they played for a shorter time than I’d expected.  Yusuke and Reo got haircuts.  Now Yusuke has cropped hair up to his chin.  Reo’s is even shorter, of course.  The only change in Junji was probably the number of earrings (went up).  I didn’t notice anything different about Asanao.  They wore pretty much the same stuff as last month, with Hazuki, Reo, and Yusuke baring their arms and Junji wearing his long-sleeved jacket again.  Hazuki didn’t dive as I’d hoped for, but he did spit water at us in the end.




I should’ve just left after lynch., because…Versailles in Osaka is scary.  Or rather, their fans are scary.  About half the people in the front second and third rows were male fans, and they were really pushy.  The girls were pushy too, of course.  Not to mention every time one of the band members came up to the stage, they’d scream and raise their hands, and push push push forward in the hopes a member will grab their hand.  Talk about fanaticism.  Kamijo was trilingual on stage – he often tossed in random French, English, and of course Japanese phrases.  Like “bonjour” when they came on, and “so and so” on “such and such” instrument during the roll call.  He spoke more English than that, but I couldn’t catch what he was saying.  I wonder if the Japanese fans could understand better.  We shouted for an encore, starting with “encore encore” and then switching to “Versailles Versailles” (this led by the male fans).  They came back after 5 minutes and did 1 more song. 

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