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lynch. EXPECT RUSH VI interview - Yusuke

Yusuke (Gt.)


Birthdate – 5/10

Bloodtype – unknown

Hometown – Aichi Prefecture

Height/Weight –  height is about 170cm/weight is a secret

Shoe size – 26.5cm

Ring size – I generally don’t wear rings so I don’t know

Habit or phrase – habit: talking to myself; phrase: it’s annoying

Favorite color – monotone colors

Cigarette brand – Seven Stars REVO ULTRA LIGHTS MENTHOL

Favorite brand – nothing in particular

Cologne you use – I don’t wear cologne

Model of cell phone & ringtone you use – model: DoCoMo  P703i, ringtone: Rintoshite Shigure’s “Telecastic fake show”

Favorite food – café food

Least favorite food – nothing in particular

Favorite present – I’m happy to get anything

Best present you gave someone – something I thought the other person wanted

Type of girl you like – someone who looks good with black hair

Type of girl you don’t like – someone with no common sense

Type of girl’s fashion you like – anything’s OK as long as it looks good on that person.

Ideal date – having fun naturally in the afternoon and then going to a café and eating café food at night

Girl’s action that makes your heart beat – my heart might skip a beat if I get stared at

Name you’ll give your kid – boy: Ren; girl: Renka

Your treasure is? – lynch. and everyone who supports lynch.

Worry – nothing nowadays

Moment you feel happiness – when I’m sleeping

Person you want to meet the most right now – Perfume

If you had 3 wishes that could come true, what would you wish for? -

  1. I want my body to be able to play the guitar all my life
  2. world peace
  3. a healthy family

Favorite time – when I’m sleeping

Favorite celebrity – nowadays, Perfume

Celebrity you’re said to resemble – Who do I resemble?

Musician you’re close with in real life – there’s nobody who you’d be surprised to hear

Point of concern lately – the continuation of the foreign drama HEROES

How you spend your day off – going to fancy cafes

Right now, what kind of room do you live in? – a place with a good view from the balcony

Favorite artist – too many to write

Artist you’re influenced by – There’s many.  Lately I’ve been influenced by guitarist vocalists.

Something you bought lately – two outfits

Event you want SHOXX to do in the future – a largescale outdoor festival

Stress reliever – sleeping

If you weren’t a musician… – working at a cafe

If you could go back to the past, when would you want to go back – I don’t need to go back to the past

Why is that? – because I’m happy right now

How you would spend your last day on earth – I think I’d spend it idly

Ideal masculinity – father

Please discreetly tell me the other members’ secrets – it won't be a secret if I tell you

Favorite motto – ROCK FOREVER!

A word to yourself right now – Are you working hard?

A word to yourself 10 years from now – Are you still working hard?

A word to each of the other members –

To Hazuki-kun: take care of your voice

To Reo-kun: take care of your fingers

To Asanao-kun: take care of your whole body

Future goal – pursuing my own style of music

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