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lynch. EXPECT RUSH VI interview - Asanao

Asanao (Dr.)


Birthdate – 7/12

Bloodtype – A

Hometown – Aichi

Height/Weight – 176cm/58kg

Shoe size – 26.5cm

Ring size – #16 on my ring finger

Habit or phrase – clearing my throat

Favorite color – red, black

Cigarette brand – Seven Stars

Favorite brand – CA4LA, Timberland

Cologne you use – I don’t wear any

Model of cell phone & ringtone you use – ringtone 1 type

Favorite food – fried chicken, spring rolls

Least favorite food – I eat anything

Favorite present – hats

Best present you gave someone – nothing that was “it”

Type of girl you like – tsundere

Type of girl you don’t like – yandere

Type of girl’s fashion you like – anything if it looks good on that person

Ideal date – It’s too annoying to think about.

Girl’s action that makes your heart beat – I’d like to feel my heart beat.

Name you’ll give your kid – I wonder what.

Your treasure is? – Nothing, really.  Maybe my drums.

Worry – I want to get better at drumming.

Moment you feel happiness – The first gulp of beer when I’m tired.

Person you want to meet the most right now – Yanagihara Kanako

If you had 3 wishes that could come true, what would you wish for? -

  1. Remove or fix the bad parts of my body
  2. Better skin tone on my face!
  3. Please give me 3 more wishes and loop again

Favorite time – vegging out by myself

Favorite celebrity – Yusuke Santamaria

Celebrity you’re said to resemble – Oosawa Takao

Musician you’re close with in real life – Sel’m’s MANJ!

Point of concern lately – Why does it often rain on the day of a lynch. live?

How you spend your day off – vegging out.  That, or strolling around town by myself.

Right now, what kind of room do you live in? – a strangely-shaped room that’s about 12 tatami mats?

Favorite artist – Muraishi Masayuki-sama

Artist you’re influenced by – Merry Go Round’s KYO-sama

Something you bought lately – MK jeans, a BEAMS T-shirt

Event you want SHOXX to do in the future – an outdoor festival around town

Stress reliever – I don’t build up stress

If you weren’t a musician… – I’d become an otaku.

If you could go back to the past, when would you want to go back – I’d probably go back to age 16.

Why is that? – Because my past and present perspectives are so different.

How you would spend your last day on earth – I’d eat ramen and go to sleep.

Ideal masculinity – None.

Please discreetly tell me the other members’ secrets – I don’t know

Favorite motto – I’ll think about it

A word to yourself right now – deal with it

A word to yourself 10 years from now – congratulations

A word to each of the other members –

To Hazuki-kun: How are your dives?

To Reo-kun: How are you nowadays?

To Yusuke-kun: How are you?

Future goal – Now and before, I’ve only ever thought about improving my drumming.



Translator’s Notes:

tsundere = someone who’s cold and sarcastic on the outside but actually sweet and emotional on the inside; someone with a hot and cold personality

yandere = the jealous/bitchy type; in anime and video games, a girl who gets obsessive when she likes someone and who starts attacking the heroine

Yanagihara Kanako – a Japanese comedian

Yusuke Santamaria – a Japanese actor

Oosawa Takao – a Japanese actor

See picture here:


Sel’m – an indies VK band from Chiba, active 2004-present.  MANJis their drummer.

Muraishi Masayuki – a professional drummer

Merry Go Round – an indies VK band from Nagoya, active 1995-2004.  KYO was their drummer at one point, but he is now retired from the scene.


otaku = anime geek

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