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Byou's blog Q&A translation

Byou’s blog Q&A


Q: What do you think when you see mura-musume cosplaying you?

A: Honestly, I’m happy. You better be me perfectly.


Q: What kind of motif do you like on your accessories?

A: Skulls or something chunky.


Q: Up until now, I’ve been desperately wanting to be showered with the water that you spit out, Byou-san…but lately I haven’t been going [to your lives] so I don’t know what it’s like. Are you still spitting out water?
A: Still spitting with high reviews.


Q: If there were only 3 colors in the world and you couldn’t even blend the colors, what colors would you recognize, Byou-sama?

A: Gold, Silver, Byou.


Q: Can I listen to “the autumn breeze?” Can I do furi for it?
A: I’d like to listen to the song.

Q: How can I forget something that happened in the past…?
A: You don’t have to forget it.

Q: Can I keep living like this?
A: The answer can be found as you keep living.


Q: Byou-san, which do you like better, Chrome Hearts or Justin [Davis]?
A: Justin Davis


Q: Byou-san, do you prefer long bathtubs?
A: Depends on the bath.


Q: Byou-san, what do you usually look like when you go out?
A: Mature & rocker type.


Q: It seems you watch DVDs, so what’s the DVD you cried the most for, or the most interesting DVD you’ve watched up until now?
A: The Untouchables


Q: Byou-san, do you and your younger brothers look alike?

A: Sometimes.


Q: Byou-san, I really want to see you right now. What should I do?

A: Come and see me.


Q: Byou-san, when was your first love?

A: 3 days after birth.


Q: Aniki, do you wear under garments and stuff?

A: What would I do in the winter? I try to wear it.


Q: After sending fanmail, how long does it take until it reaches everyone in SCREW?

A: Depends on my mood. After I open the URL.


Q: What item do you want the most right now?

A: Melting Pot


Q: Byou-san, what do you do when you’re tired?

A: I’m tired like hell.


Q: Is the younger brother that’s on Ameblo the second son? Or the third son?

A: The third son.


Q: Byou-san…do you hate green peas?

A: Can you ask me the question after you read my blog?


Q: Which do you like better on girls, short hair or long hair?

A: Long on top, short on the bottom.


Q: I don’t understand what the point of living is anymore. Can I live for you, Byou-san?

A: If it’s related to the point of living.


Q: Byou-san, do you like byou gara??

A: Can you ask me the question after you see my outfits?


Q: Why are you so hot?

A: I can’t help it.


Q: Byou-san, you don’t eat?
A: What’s your basis?


Q: Byou-san, do you play video games?
A: Despite my appearance, I do.


Q: Byou-sama, do you like cologne? What kind of scent do you like better, sexy or cool?
A: Lately, yes. Anything other than the smell of sh-t.


Q: Byou-san, how tall are you?

A: 172cm


Q: How come you write such good songs?
A: Because I want to write good songs.

Q: Byou-san, have you and Kazuki-san done it? Do you love each other?
A: Recently we gave birth to twins.


Q: Where’d you get your sunglasses?
A: Shibuya.


Q: Byou-san, it looks like you have a lot of sunglasses and underwear already. I want to give you some other kind of present. What would be good?

A: I can never have too much underwear, and besides, it’s not like I’ll be bringing them along for next year’s oneman tour.


Q: What kind of gifts do you like? What makes you happy?
A: Beauty products.


Q: What size T-shirts and pants are you?
A: S~M


Q: When I watched the PV for Gather Roses, my mother was also watching from behind.  It was freaky!  What should I do?

A: Be more careful.


Q: Byou-san, you’re a vocalist I really respect. Can you give me some words of encouragement!?

A: How was your first live? Let’s work hard together.


Q: Even though finals start tomorrow, I can’t think of anything but Y-kun. What should I do? What would Byou-san do?

A: When the finals are over, fuck Y-kun.


Q: You wrote that because of Jin, you could only sleep 1 hour. What were the two of you doing?

A: A 2-man troupe.


Q: Byou-san, is there someone so important to you that you think you can’t live without this person?

A: There is.


Q: Byou-san, do you like Jin-chan?

A: I do have an interest.


Q: Byou-san, I want you to tell me the brand and type of cologne you use!

A: Can you ask me the question after you read my blog?


Q: Have you decided what to name that funky pink bear-san?

A: Only the last name.


Q: I’m a new fan, but is it okay if I come to your live in Shinjuku next month?

A: Of course.


Q: Which do you like better, big boobs or small boobs? Which type are you?
A: Depends on the feel type.


Q: I think that people can’t change easily, but if you grow even a little, then it’s a step up, don’t you think?
A: That’s right.


Q: Byou-san, how pervy are the pervy things you think about?
A: 100% porn videos.


Q: Byou-san, do you like takoyaki?
A: I prefer tacosen.


Q: Can I send you letters again?
A: Yeah. No need for my permission.


Q: Byou-san, can I ignore school and come see you at next year’s oneman?
A: You better pull off both smoothly.


Q: Byou-san, what should I do to be your personal manager?

A: Audition.


I’ll post again if I feel like it.




Translator’s notes:

mura-musume = SCREW fangirls

furi = choreographed hand movements

Aniki = Byou’s nickname

byou gara = animal prints

takoyaki = octopus balls

takosen = octopus crackers


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