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3/22 UnsraW @ Takadanobaba AREA

DELUHI PRESENTSRebellious Culture Vol.2


3/22/2010 Takadanobaba AREA

God the show was amazing. And in some ways, all too predictable. I was in the second row center for UnsraW, and then moved to the back of the second tier for DEATHGAZE, where I had my own headbanging space (well, space does come at a premium in Tokyo) – and I headbanged my heart out during their set. There were a bunch of (older) guys at this show, who'd probably gone to see DEATHGAZE, though they mostly stood in the back. I left after DEATHGAZE, so I didn't see DELUHI.


Setlist: Social Faker REBORN Dust To Dust -water break- Platonic Bitch Maria -MC- kaimoku ni terasareta yume ha namida ni karete -9- warai oni

Their new SE came on a little past 6, and it sounded like the music you'd hear in a horror movie if it were crossed with one of those post-apocalyptic-themed video games. Very edgy. We basically just pumped our fists throughout as the members came on stage. Even when Yuuki raised his fist at the center of the stage, the fans kept pumping.

I didn't like the new looks when I first saw the pics on the website, but I do think they look better in real life. I guess I just can't get used to the idea of UnsraW in military uniforms. What's next, pirates? Yuuki's pants looked like pantaloons. He paired it with a peacoat-style jacket and long boots. And he didn't wear the eyepatch today, although everything else on the Yuuki's must-wear checklist was there: white contacts, glittery black teeth, blood-red lipstick -- I need to ask him where he gets the lipstick from because I haven't found a single red one in the drugstores that's bright enough.

The other members wore long, knee-length trench coats in the same style, black with gold piping. Jin's scarlet-red dreads were super long and past his waist. He definitely made more (like 100x more) of a visual impression than when he was just a support member. He didn't light up his bass today, boo -- I wanted to see it with my own eyes.

Madoka looked like a Jun-clone -- he had the big, eye-popping contacts, markings around his eyes, and crazy cyber dreads. And he moved in a funny way, kinda slithering, sliding about. (Though I. and G. disagreed on that last point.) I don't feel so good about him, but that's also because he replaced Rai, who was like my second-favorite member. Though his birthday is only three days before mine…

Tetsu looked normal, older possibly, as a soldier. I. said he pulled up someone tody, but I'm not surprised. He's been doing that more often lately. And at the end, he swiped hands with all of us in the front, from shimo (stage left) to center.

Shou was happy-go-lucky as always. He looked like his normal self in the new costume (as in, a very cute Japanese guy), and practically non-VK -- like he could be in alice nine., as I.'d said.

Anyways, since it was a 3man, they were able to play a long set -- it probably lasted about 45 minutes. But I was disappointed with the song choices. With the exception of Platonic Bitch, they've been playing the same songs over and over again at their shows. I filled out a survey (which had been updated, since they'd axed two members and gotten two new ones) later and told them to diversify their setlist.

The fans in the front row were mostly non-UnsraW fans, but there were a lot of us in the second and third and fourth rows. Yuuki held out his mic to the crowd a lot tonight. During the chorus in REBORN, he held out the mic and pointed it in my general direction, so I leaned forward cuz I was actually close enough to sing into it. And he saw that and kept holding out the mic, letting me shout into it. That was definitely the highlight of the night.

The MC was like 2 seconds long.  Oh, c’mon Yuuki. Even Ai did a better, and longer, MC.  He basically said 2 things: please welcome our new members, Jin and Madoka, and we’ll be having a oneman on 4/19 at AREA so come and see us. We cheered, of course, but he could’ve done more to egg us on.

Warai oni was awesome tonight -- it was super long, and Yuuki came up and did typical Yuuki things -- spraying water, pulling people (on both sides of the stage, to boot!), crouching from the podium, etc. He leaned into the crowd (in that semi-dive of his) in the middle once, pulling people frantically. He might or might not have gained weight -- let's just say it wasn’t just a few of us that tried to keep him up, and he could’ve gone under any moment. But not to worry, I had his back covered – though it did take all my strength to send him back up on stage, and I was the last to let go as usual. The other fellas switched quite a few times during the course of the song. The crowd was really energetic tonight, though not to the point of being pushy. We were as "unified" as UnsraW fans could ever be. And I picked up a Yuuki straw sometime and gave it to I. Buenas noche, UnsraW!

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